Embracing The Love Story God Has Written For You

“Never have I experienced such beauty and romance as when God was at the center of my love life.” ~ Leslie Ludy

God is the author of our lives and He has written a love story for each one of us. He works the details of it through us and our time here on earth.

Often, however, understanding the love story God has written for you isn’t easy.

It’s a struggle when you’re single, yet yearning for a meaningful relationship. You’ve been praying and waiting patiently a long time for your future spouse to show up. Or your marriage failed and now you find yourself divorced. You’re confused, hurt and feel hopeless. Then, there are those that are married, but in an empty marriage. You’re walking by faith, trusting in a good God to turn your circumstances around. Yet, nothing seems to change, and you are growing weary with each passing day.

Where is God in these broken dreams? You feel sad and lonely, wondering, is this the love story He’s written for me?

I’ve wrestled with trying to understand the love story God has written for me. Although I love my husband dearly, our marriage has been a turbulent one. We’ve had 3 separations in our 27 years of marriage. Each one was extremely painful and many times I wanted to give up and walk away.

God, however, has always gently, firmly and lovingly impressed on my heart to be patient, and to not give up. He often reminds me of His promises like the one in Philippians 1:6, “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”  I’ve witnessed God’s faithfulness each time my husband and I have chosen to stay committed to one another and work towards reconciliation. I’m so grateful for His redeeming power that is evident in my marriage. I can so clearly see God’s love for us in how He never left us.

Then one day it hit me…God’s love story is about my relationship to Christ, not to another human being.

The love story that God has written for you is between Him and you, and no one else. It’s about how much you allow God to love you, and how much you will love Him in return. Everyone else in your life is a part of your unique story, to help build the intimacy between Jesus and you.

For example, the brokenness I have felt within my marriage is the very thing that brought me to an intimate and personal relationship with my true love, Jesus Christ.

Over the years as I have put my hand in Jesus’s, I have learned that only in Christ am I complete.

Jesus is my strength when I am weak.

He is my anchor when I feel insecure.

Jesus is my hope when I feel empty and lost.

He is my companion when I feel lonely.

Jesus is my soul mate (Song of Solomon 3:4).

He is the love of my life. And He wants to be the love of your life too. Christian author, Leslie Ludy, says it perfectly: “Never have I experienced such beauty and romance as when God was at the center of my love life.

God is the Author of Romance, and He loves you with an abundant and unending love. His love is committed, deep, pure, unconditional and sacrificing.

We all want to feel special, and that is exactly how God thinks of us. He sees us through His son Jesus and because of our faith in Jesus, His beauty and perfection is what God sees in us.

All we have to do is open the door to our heart and allow Him to fill us afresh each day. When we do this He will pour on us His ceaseless waterfall of love (Song of Solomon 4:15).

Combine your delight for Him with the beauty of His presence, and therein you have the most beautiful love story.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re facing, may you embrace your love story written by God. He adores and appreciates you. He calls you His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10). Through the circumstances and people He’s brought in your life, He’s weaved an exquisite tapestry. He has your name engraved on it. Allow what He’s penned specifically for you to flow, and each chapter, each season unfold by design. The Master Biographer has taken great detail outlining your journey, and has recorded even your last breath (Psalm 139:16).

How could you not fall passionately and deeply in love with One who loves you like this?

Falling in love with Jesus is like any relationship. It takes commitment, effort and hard work. Learning to surrender to His will, and putting your faith in Him isn’t always easy. However, once you can trust your every desire to Him, you will enter into the most beautiful love story ever written: Yours.

“Your love has given me much joy and comfort.” ~ Philemon 1:7


  1. Tweens amen and everyday is a day to draw closer to HIS HOLY HEART! But this is HIS treasure! HE desires and died for a bride! an eternal companion!!! Thanks for sharing may you find HIS never ending love growing in abundance in your heart everyday!! LU in HIM! Mary ❤✝❤

  2. Beautifully written. I regret the disappointment I have caused you in our marriage, however you have clearly made the decision to use these times to forge an intimate and strong relationship with Jesus. That is both consoling and encouraging. I love you

    • tweenyrandall says:

      Thank you Will. I love you too and I’m grateful for your commitment to Jesus, recovery, me and our beautiful children.

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