Singleness Is Good. Marriage Is Good Too.

“Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” ~ Unknown The desire to want to get married is a natural and healthy one. Lately however, I’ve been realizing that there is a a great misconception surrounding marriage – that marriage is the goal we each must reach in order to be a complete man or woman. […]

Breaking The Cycle Of Shame

“Look under anger, fear, even guilt, and you will find a root of shame. People are dying from it-some quickly, others slowly. It is the heart disease of this and every era.”- Edward T. Welch (author of Shame Interrupted) I can still remember the time, over thirty years ago, when I was in high school […]

A New Years Prayer To The God Of Miracles

On this eve of a new year starting, I find myself thinking about miracles, again. Lately, the Lord keeps highlighting the words “miracle” and “wonder” to me. This morning, on the last day of 2017, I was led to Psalm 77. You are the God of  miracles and wonders… (Psalm 77:14) I began reflecting on […]

What I Wish My Younger Self Knew About Intimacy

“Our lack of intimacy with God causes a void that we try to fill with the frailest of substitutes.” ~Francis Chan The other day my daughter asked me if I remembered my first kiss. I felt embarrassed and sad, as I told her I did not. She then asked me, “was it not important to […]

The Lord’s Butterfly

“Christianity is about learning to love like Jesus loved and Jesus loved the poor and Jesus loved the broken.”~ Rich Mullins When I was a new Christian, I heard a song by Hillsong United called “Hosanna.” There was one verse that went right to my soul. I felt compassion, and even wept, when I heard […]

Confessions Of A Weary Shopaholic

“Nothing teaches us about the preciousness of the Creator as much as when we learn the emptiness of everything else.” ~ Charles Spurgeon Hi my name is Tweeny and I am a shopaholic. Yes, it’s true. I have had it under control for many years, but recently I noticed that I’ve been on a shopping […]

Waiting On A Miracle

If you were guaranteed one miracle right now, what would it be? I don’t often think about miracles. I’m just not wired that way. In fact, to be completely honest with you, I tend to be a pessimist and go to the worse case scenario first. To get me to think positively takes a lot […]

How To Let Go Of A Season You Have Loved

“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” Unknown No one likes change. We feel comfortable in the familiarity of our daily routine. A new season brings with it an array of transition and emotions. If you are preparing for a shift in your life, you may feel melancholic and anxious. Changes, even good changes, […]

Broken, Beautiful And Bold

  “Broken is what people are. Beautiful is what God makes them.” ~ Lysa Terkeurst Most of my life I have felt “broken.” What this means is that I faced circumstances that were beyond my control, and I knew I could not handle them in my own strength. In those times, I have been acutely aware […]

Embracing The Love Story God Has Written For You

“Never have I experienced such beauty and romance as when God was at the center of my love life.” ~ Leslie Ludy God is the author of our lives and He has written a love story for each one of us. He works the details of it through us and our time here on earth. […]